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capacitor microphone - Microphone whose operation depends on variations in capacitance caused by varying air pressure on the movable plate of a capacitor.
capacitor - An electronic component having capacitive reactance.
ceramic capacitor - Capacitor in which the dialectric is ceramic.
electrolytic capacitor - A capacitor having an electrolyte between the two plates. A thin layer of oxide is deposited on only the positive plate. The oxide acts as the dielectric for the capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are polarized and so must be connected in correct polarity to prevent breakdown.
mica capacitor - Capacitor using mica as the dialectric.

Capacitors Despite the huge amount of different capacitors, they all serve the same purpose, to store electrons, like a tiny battery. The basic capacitors work by separating to conductive plates by a

Electronic Circuit Examples In this section we'll attempt to build up a collection of circuits for you to use. If you do come across, or invent yourselves, some interesting or useful circuits please

Drawing Circuits
Drawing Circuits When designing circuits it is not practical to draw physical likenesses of the components you wish to use. In place of each component a symbol is use to represent it. For example:

Electronic Components There are thousands and thousands of different electrical components, luckily they can be grouped together into parts that have similar functions. In this section we will go t