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circuit breaker - A protective device used to open a circuit when current exceeds a maximum value. In effect a reusable fuse.
circuit - Interconnection of components to provide an electrical path between two or more components.
closed circuit - Circuit having a complete path for current flow.
constant current circuit - Circuit used to maintain constant current to a load having resistance that changes.
Four arm bridge circuit used to measure resistance, inductance or capacitance. -

Electrical Circuits An electrical circuit is anything that allows current to flow, from a bulb attached to a battery to a desktop calculator. A simple circuit The most basic circuit you can get i

Drawing Circuits
Drawing Circuits When designing circuits it is not practical to draw physical likenesses of the components you wish to use. In place of each component a symbol is use to represent it. For example:

Unijunction Transistor The unijunction transistor (UJT) works like a switch. It doesn't amplify the voltage, it just lets current through or not depending on the in input voltage. Irrespective

Switches The are many types of switches but in this section we'll just go into mechanical switches. Switches allow or stop the flow of current or control which path it is to take. The simplest swi

RelaysRelays are basically switches that are controlled by electricity rather than mechanical input. Inside the relay, the current used to alter the state of the switch is put into a coil. As we now f