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alternating current - An electric current that rises to a maximum in one direction, falls back to zero and then rises to a maximum in the opposite direction and then repeats.
bleeder current - A current drawn continously from a souce. Bleeder current is used to stabilize the output voltage of a source.
branch current - The portion of total current flowing in one path of a parallel circuit.
charge current - Current that flows to charge a capacitor or battery when voltage is applied.
constant current circuit - Circuit used to maintain constant current to a load having resistance that changes.

Drawing Circuits
Drawing Circuits When designing circuits it is not practical to draw physical likenesses of the components you wish to use. In place of each component a symbol is use to represent it. For example:

Audio Components Audio components convert sound waves into currents and currents into sounds. Devices that convert sound waves to electrical current are normally know as microphones and devices that

Transformers Transformers are one of the major uses of coils. They are made of two or more separate coils of wire wrapped around a common core, normally made of laminated iron sheets. Like so...

Electric Current Electrons, while they can flow, do not flow through all materials equally and in some materials not at all. When electrons can move through a material it is said to be a conductor an

Alternating Current
Alternating Current (AC) It's common sense electrons can flow either forwards or backwards along a conductor. We learnt with DC that DC is when current flows only in one direction. Alternating curren