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negative charge - A charge that has more electrons than protons
negative feedback - A feedback signal 180? out of phase with an amplifier input signal. Used to increase amplifier stability, bandwidth and input impedance. Also reduces distortion.
negative ground - A system where the negative terminal of the source is connected to the system's metal chassis.
negative ion - An atom having a greater number of electrons in orbit than there are protons in the nucleus.
negative resistance - A resistance such that when the current through it increases the voltage drop across the resistance decreases.

The Basics Electricity is essential not only to life but to every element we know of. It is one of the build blocks of atoms, and that is the best place to start to understand electricity. In case

Electrical Circuits An electrical circuit is anything that allows current to flow, from a bulb attached to a battery to a desktop calculator. A simple circuit The most basic circuit you can get i

Electric Current Electrons, while they can flow, do not flow through all materials equally and in some materials not at all. When electrons can move through a material it is said to be a conductor an

Static Electricity Most of us have experienced or even played with static electricity at one time or another. So in this page well explain what it is and have a play with it. Static electricity is

Capacitors Despite the huge amount of different capacitors, they all serve the same purpose, to store electrons, like a tiny battery. The basic capacitors work by separating to conductive plates by a