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DC power supply - Any source of DC power for electrical equipment.
half power point - A frequency at which the power is 50% of maximum. This corresponds to 70.7% of maximum current or voltage.
maximum power transfer - A theorem that states that maximum power will be transferred from source to load when input impedance of the load equals the output impedance of the source.
output power - Amount of power a component, circuit or system can deliver to a load.
power amplifier - An amplifier designed to deliver maximum power output to a load. Example: In an audio system, it is the power amplifier that drives the loudspeaker.

Electrical Circuits An electrical circuit is anything that allows current to flow, from a bulb attached to a battery to a desktop calculator. A simple circuit The most basic circuit you can get i

Alternating Current
Alternating Current (AC) It's common sense electrons can flow either forwards or backwards along a conductor. We learnt with DC that DC is when current flows only in one direction. Alternating curren

Types of Diodes Small Signal Diode - Low voltage/current diodes. Power Rectifier - High voltage/current diode. Bridge rectifiers are are four diodes pre-installed into one component, useful for

Capacitors Despite the huge amount of different capacitors, they all serve the same purpose, to store electrons, like a tiny battery. The basic capacitors work by separating to conductive plates by a

Electric Current Electrons, while they can flow, do not flow through all materials equally and in some materials not at all. When electrons can move through a material it is said to be a conductor an