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silicon controlled switch - An SCR with an added terminal called an anode gate. A positive pulse either at the anode gate or the cathode gate will turn the device on.
silicon dioxide - Glass like material used as the gate insulating material in a MOSFET.
silicon transistor - A bipolar junction transistor using silicon as the semiconducting material.
silicon - (Si) Non metalic element (atomic number 14) used in pure form as a semiconductor.
silicon-controlled rectifier - (SCR) Three terminal active device that acts as a gated diode. The gate terminal is used to turn the device on allowing current to pass from cathode to anode.

Semiconductors Semiconductors are quite possible one of the most important things in the modern world. The are made from crystals and can act as conductors or insulators in different circumstances.

Diodes Diodes are one of the most common semiconductor devices. As we know from the last page, both N and P type silicon conduct electricity. The conductivity (or resistance) of both is by how doped

Quick Voltage Dropper
Quick Voltage Dropper If you fliped through our section on semiconductors you might have noticed that silicon diodes need at least 0.6 volts to work and reduce the voltage by 0.6 volts. So we can tak

Bipolar Transistors
Bipolar Transistors One of the two types of transistors are bipolar transistors. From Diodes we learnt about PN junctions. Now with bipolar transistors we add another layer to make it PNP or NPN depe

Thyristors Thyristors have a similar function to Unijunctions they act as switches. Thyrstors use current flow as a switch. There are two types of thyristors. Silicon-Controlled Rectifi