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neutral wire - The conductor of a polyphase circuit or a single-phase three wire circuit that is intended to have a ground potential. The potential difference between the neutral and each of the other conductors are approximately equal in magnitude and equally spaced in phase.
wire gauge - American wire gauge (AWG) is a system of numerical designations of wire diameters.
wire wrapping - Method of making a connection by wrapping wire around a rectangular pin.
wire - Single solid or stranded group of conductors having a low resistance to current flow. Used to make connections between circuits or points in a circuit.
wireless - Term describing radio communication that requires no wired between two communicating points.

Wire Wire and cable are used to carry electrical current from one place to another. While many materials can conduct electricity, in wire we only want to move current, so we need a material with high

Drawing Circuits
Drawing Circuits When designing circuits it is not practical to draw physical likenesses of the components you wish to use. In place of each component a symbol is use to represent it. For example:

Electrical Circuits An electrical circuit is anything that allows current to flow, from a bulb attached to a battery to a desktop calculator. A simple circuit The most basic circuit you can get i

Electric Current Electrons, while they can flow, do not flow through all materials equally and in some materials not at all. When electrons can move through a material it is said to be a conductor an

Coils As we know from earlier pages, electrons moving through a wire causes an electromagnetic field around the wire. If we wrap the wire in a coil then that intensifies the magnetic field and that m